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Soft Leather Sofa bought at Scan Design, very comfy, $995, L 81”, D 32”  A cozy place to settle in for the chilly fall and winter evenings and enjoy music, movies and books with someone special!
Teak Oval Table with Pedestal Base and or Six Teak Chairs, Mid Century Modern, $999, L 58.5” leaves 19.5” each, W 42” A mid century modern pedestal base that offers the leg room you need to serve your growing family or circle of friends.  Generous sized chairs with sturdy teak furniture frames will have your guests sighing with gratitude for a comfortable dining experience!
Vintage Teak Dresser by Punch Design, Mid Century Modern, $999, L6’, D 16”, H 29” This weekend could change your life!  All your clothes can come out of their boxes, closets and suitcases and get sorted and stored in your teak furniture, mid century modern nine drawer dresser.  There is plenty of room for two!
Teak Danish Dining Table with Two Leaves by Neils Moller, Mid Century Modern, $1995, L 59” leaves 23”each, W 39.5”  A teak furniture draw leaf table is a great mid century modern investment.  You will always love the convenience of just drawing out a leaf and the table can easily grow with your ever expanding family, circle of friends and community!
Vintage Teak Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 71”, D 12”, H 26” Turn an empty wall into a feature of your entertainment equipment or dinner china!  Either way, the minimal depth and glass doors of this mid century modern sideboard/credenza will keep your room looking spacious and open and the teak furniture wood grain will show off your treasures to perfection!
Vintage Teak Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $599, L 33”, D 15.5”, H 41” Do you have a corner that is constantly collecting a variety of treasures?  If so, consider adding a dresser which will still keep everything handy, but out of sight, and you will enjoy running your fingers over satiny smooth mid century modern teak!
Vintage Hudson’s Bay Blanket Foot Stool, Mid Century Modern, recovered, L24”, W 20”, H 16” A comfy place for a pair of hard working feet, and a lovely mid century modern pop of colour for your decor!
Vintage Walnut Sideboard/Credenza, Mid Century Modern, Distinctive furniture by Stanley, $999, L 5’, D 17”, H 30” The elegance of dark walnut wood grain and a simple design!  Have fun setting up your entertainment centre or dining credenza and enjoy more dancing or dinners!
Vintage Wool Hand Hocked Rug, Mid Century Modern, $275, 3‘ x 5‘ A mid century modern pop of colour and rhythm that will energize your decor!
Vintage Teak Bookcases, Mid Century Modern, $249 each, L31.5”, D 9”, H 68”  It is so great to have a space to display your treasures, whether they are books, travel mementoes, pictures or art - this weekend set up a space the celebrates who you are and what is important to you!
 Did you know that Attic Treasures buys mid century modern furniture?  Yes, all our furniture is locally purchased, from people just like you, that are downsizing or redecorating!  

Just send Lillian a photo of your item and she will let you know if Attic Treasures is the right place to find your treasure a new home!  

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