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Smaller Treasures
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Vintage Art Glass Mid Century Modern, Higgins, Riihimaen Holmegaard, Littala and more! T83

Vintage pottery mid century modern, Bitossi Italy, West German and more! T82

Vintage Atomic Cappuccino  Maker, England, Mid Century Modern, $299, H 9.5” T81

  Two Vintage Gainey Pots, Mid Century Modern, White 13.5” diameter, $199, 
Yellow 17” diameter T80

Vintage Pay Push Button Phone, Mid Century Modern, $399 T79
Vintage Dishes, Mid Century Modern, top in yellow called Swiss Dots by Hycroft  $299 set, Wild Oats by midwinter $499 set, Iittala sold by the piece $15 each and up.  Fill your cupboards up with mid century modern beauty and get a thrill each you open them up. Image: T78
Vintage Glass Ware, Handmade Pottery, Iittala, Head Vases, German Pottery, and a Palm Tree Vase Collection etc.  A little something special for each of the mothers and others that nurtured you along your way! Image: T77
Vintage Turin Design Tor Viking, Made in Norway,  $15 each and up  A beautiful gift for a special day in the life of someone you love! Image: T76
Vintage Rosenthal “Asimmetria Place Setting for at least Ten, $995  Is there a chef in your life that loves to make beautiful meals?  What a spectacular gift this set would be! Image: T74
Vintage Turi Design Market Dishes, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the piece, $12 and up.  If your china collection is complete, perhaps you might entertain the idea of getting someone you love started with a piece or two, or prepare for the coming year of birthday and special occasions with a truly thoughtful gift! Image: T73
Vintage Pyrex Fire King etc.  Enjoy spoiling a friend this holiday season, with some beautiful colours for their cupboard or counter!  Fill up a tea pot with fragrant teas for a gift, or a casserole dish with exotic spices or a coffee carafe with a special blend of beans! Image: T72

Vintage Iittala Glass, Mid Century Modern, sold by the piece.  Invite some mid century modern sparkle into your home this holiday season and make each tradition just a little more special!  Tuck one or two into gift bags to remind a friend or neighbour that they are missed!  Image: T69
Homemaker Dishes made in England, sold by the piece, $12 and up, Mid Century Modern, Is there someone in your circle of mid century modern lovers who just adores Homemaker?  You could surprise them with a few pieces!  A birthday coming up?  Mother's Day?  Anniversary?  Image: T65
 Vintage Brutalist Jewellery, Mid Century Modern, $35 and up  Bring a little something   home for the love of your life (yourself too) and enjoy watching their eyes light up and   their personality shine even more brightly with these mid century modern accessories! Image: T64
Vintage Handmade Western Canadian Pottery, $20 and up Are you feeling like you need a little something special for your home?  Why not start with a piece of mid century modern pottery and see where the adventure takes you! Image: T59
Vintage Head Vases, Mid Century Modern, $45 and up The perfect size to fit in the toe of a stocking, or the mid century modern gift for that person on your list who has everything, or the extra little something wrapped and tucked away for an unexpected visitor. You can be sure this gift will delight the recipient! Image: T58
Ruska Arabia from Finland, Sold by the Piece, $10 and up. A specialty coffee or frothy hot chocolate in a Ruska mug is so richly inviting. Can you imagine setting a table and serving a meal with these beautiful pieces. or watching someone's eyes light up when they open their gift to find Ruska Arabia from Finland! Image: T56
Vintage Iittala from Finland, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the Piece,  $10 and up Serve your holiday drinks in something especially sparkly this year!  Pick up a few extras to keep on hand for last minute hostess, family and friend gifts! Image: T55
Vintage World Globes, Mid Century Modern, $39 and up  An great mid century modern accessory for your home or office! Image: T49
Lotte Dishes, Mid Century Modern, sold by the Peace $10 each and up,  The complement of warm, dark teak furniture wood grain and white and blue china is almost to beautiful for words.  Start your collection today and begin to experience the beauty for yourself! Image: T47
Vintage Pottery Planters Vases Bowls etc. Mid Century Modern, Hand made, West Germany and Italian, $20 and up  Accessorize your decor with the warm tones of mid century modern pottery and feel your space start to sing with style! Image: T45
Fun Vintage Glasses, Mid Century Modern, $20 a set and up  A set of vintage glasses for a host/hostess gift, holiday gift or just a chance to spoil yourself with some mid century modern fun! Image: T35
Vintage Bar Ware, Mid Century Modern, $35 and up  Add that extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with a mid century modern decanter and a set of glasses to show off your designer drinks! Image: T34
Mid Century Modern Art Glass, $59 and up  Are you stuck for a  gift idea for someone you fear already has everything?  Choose a piece of art glass that will embrace and reflect the environment it is placed in, a welcome gift, for any decor! Image: T33
Baccarat Dish Clear Splash, $225, 12 inch width  Image: T30  Complete a mid century modern teak furniture surface with an exquisite piece of art glass.
Vintage Art Deco Fiesta Ware, $15 ea and up.  Image: T27  Are you tired of cooking, dishes, lost that creativity?  Put a splash of colour in your cupboards, serve your coffee in a mid century modern Fiesta Ware cup and dream of desserts served on blue plates and watch the  pizzazz bounce back into your kitchen!

Vintage Fans, From $99. Image: T24
Vintage Fans, From $99. Image: T24

Cool your home or office with the mid century modern charm of a vintage fan!
Art Glass, Mid Century Modern, Individually Priced, Image: T16
Art Glass, Mid Century Modern, Individually Priced, Image: T16

Dress up a corner, wall unit, dresser top, or a sideboard with light filled mid century modern art glass.
Just in! Collection of Russell Wright Vintage Dishes - Sold by the piece $10 and up, Mid Century Modern, Image: T9
Just in! Collection of Russell Wright Vintage Dishes - Sold by the piece $10 and up, Mid Century Modern, Image: T9

You really need to touch them, cradle them in your hands - there's magic in their beautiful flowing design! Start your collection today!
Iittala dishes, sold by the piece, $7 and up, Image: T8
Iittala dishes, sold by the piece, $7 and up, Image: T8
Start or complete your collection!

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