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Mid Century Modern Lighting
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Danish Teak Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $699  Light up your mid century modern decor with warm teak furniture tones and a beautiful curve! Image: L138
Teak Tripod Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $299, Height of lamp 55”, Nice soft lighting.  Set the stage for a romantic evening in your living room with the light from this beautiful teak furniture lamp caressing your mid century modern decor. Image: L137
Danish Teak Wall Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $398, L 62”, D 16”, H 28"  A lovely piece of mid century modern art (for darker fall and winter evenings) that will brighten your decor with it's sunshiny rays!   Image: L136
A pair of Mid Century Maple and Brass 1950's Lamps, $399, Total height of lamps with shades 31 inches.  A delightful mid century modern design that will charm your eye each time you catch a glimpse.     Image: L133
Vintage Lotte Lamp, $499, Height of lamp including shade 30.5” The warm tones of this mid century modern lamp will bring an extra glow to your decor, along with the lovely feeling of finally owning your very own Lotte Lamp!  Image: L132
Vintage Ceiling Fixtures, Mid Century Modern  Put a work of art up on the ceiling and watch your whole decor sparkle under this new mid century modern light!  Image: L130
Chrome Sputnik Ceiling Fixtures, Mid Century Modern, All new wiring, $349 each, 
Diameter 24 inches approximately.  Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights!  Image: L129
Lotte, Teak, Walnut and Pottery Lamps, from $85 and up  Beautiful curvy lamps and shades add melody your mid century modern decor!  Image: L126
Chrome and Glass Ball Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $1200, H60”, W22” A moon like glow to turn your mid century modern decor into a magical place!  Image: L125
Teak Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $699  A curvy treasure to add some allure to your mid century modern decor!  You will watch your family and friends gravitate to the lounge chair or sofa you place it by! Image: L119
Vintage Floor Lamp by Gerald Thurston for Lightolie, $175,  Image: L118 Mid century modern Snuggle this floor lamp up against your favourite mid century modern teak lounge chair and you will brighten up your decor!
Gerald Thurston Designed Adjustable Height Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern.  $799
H 64”W 25” shade.  Image: L115 Delicate and daring - a rare mid century modern floor lamp!
Call the shop at 604 254 0220 or email for details. Image: L109

For more mid century modern lighting ideas, scroll the gallery below!

Italian Memphis Milano by Relco floor lamp, $300, Height of lamp 59” Image: L102
Italian Memphis Milano by Relco floor lamp, $300, Height of lamp 59” Image: L102
Sparkle ”up your decor and show off a special corner or painting with the light from this rare designer mid century modern floor lamp.
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