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Mid Century Modern Lighting
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Vintage Lotte Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $499  Complete your mid century modern decor with a Lotte Lamp and invite the ambience of a warm summer day into your home. Image: L154
Vintage Teak Zigzag Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $1200, Height of the lamp 62”  If you feel like your mid century modern decor is "complete", but lacks that special piece to take it to "exceptional", consider this rare treasure! Image: L153
Vintage DC-3 Airplane Lamp, Mid Century Modern,, $999, Height 12"  This is the piece to complete your office decor - you will always have a conversation starter ready - and it will give your clients the opportunity to get to know you a little better! Image: L152
Vintage Designer Ceiling Fixture, Mid Century Modern, Designer Carl Thore from Sweden,  $1200, New electrical and height can be adjusted.  The crowning finale for your mid century modern decor! Image: L151
Vintage Chrome Eight Ball Ceiling Fixture, Mid Century Modern, Canadian design by lighting Limited of Montreal, $399 Transform a dreary, cold foyer into a symphony of light and lift your spirits as you come and go under it's beauty! Image: L145
Large Industrial Ceiling Fixture, Mid Century Modern, $399, Diameter 16” Brighten up a large room or stairwell with this beautiful mid century modern orb of light! Image: L143
Chrome Sputnik Ceiling Fixtures, Mid Century Modern, All new wiring, $349 each, 
Diameter 24 inches approximately.  Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights!  Image: L129
Chrome and Glass Ball Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $999, H60”, W22” A moon like glow to turn your mid century modern decor into a magical place!  Image: L125
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