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Vintage Lounge Chair and Footstool, Mid Century Modern, By Westnofa, Norway, $1295
Chair: L30”, D 30”, H39”.  Footstool:  15” by 20”  Relax in the beauty and elegance of this rare treasure!  Cool tones in the fabric compliment the rich wood grain and the balance of straight lines and curves in the frame show a designer's care. Image: 3657
Vintage 1970’s custom-made Sofa and or Two Chairs , down filled cushions, mid century modern, Sofa $949, L 83”, D 32”, H 25”, Chairs $949:  L 35”, D 32”, H 25”, or the full set for $1500.  Clean simple lines paired with warm browns and down filled comfort give you the organized look you have been longing for and the cozy comfort of a warm retreat.  Redecorate your living room  this weekend and enjoy your home like never before! Image: 3656
Vintage Teak Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $649, L 49”, D18”, H30” Maximize your storage capacity with this satiny smooth teak furniture dresser.  There is plenty of room for two and won't it look amazing with a pair of mid century modern table lamps on it! Image: 3655
Vintage Walnut Highboy Dresser by Vic Art, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 41”, D 18”, H45” Beautiful curves in the drawers and legs echo the swirls in the rich deep walnut wood grain.  A work of art for your bedroom, that also holds clothing! Image: 3654
Vintage Walnut Bedroom Mid Century Modern, Tall Dresser:  $699, L 36”, D 18.5”, H 38.5”.  Nine Drawer Dresser:  $799, L 77”, D18”, H32”.  Double Size Bed with Two Night  Tables: $499  Transform your bedroom into an orderly arrangement of furniture, clothing sorted just the way you like it and bedside tables ready with the comforts of your bedtime routine.  It will be a haven of rest! Image: 3653
Vintage File Cabinet, Mid Century Modern, L15.5”, D 21”, H 28”  Warm teak wood grain, satiny smooth and beautifully crafted.  An elegant addition to your home office! Image: 3652
Vintage Midwinter Stonehenge Sun Dishes, Mid Century Modern, $399 set  A little present for yourself, that will cheer you up first thing every morning! Image: 3651
Vintage Teak Table with Two Draw Leaves and or Six Teak Chairs ,Mid Century Modern
Table:  $995, L 56”, W 39”  Leaves: 21”each. Chairs: $1100 for six.  Welcome your family to the dinner table with this elegant set, setting the tone for conversation, stories, laughter and lasting memories! Image: 3650
Vintage Danish Teak Coffee Table and or End Tables, Mid Century Modern, Coffee table table with shelf: $995, L59”, W20”, H17.5”.  End tables with shelves: $1250 pair, L30”, D20”, H22”  A rare treasure for the discerning mid century modern decorator!   Image: 3648
Vintage Turi Design Market Dishes, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the piece, $12 and up.  If your china collection is complete, perhaps you might entertain the idea of getting someone you love started with a piece or two, or prepare for the coming year of birthday and special occasions with a truly thoughtful gift!   Image: 3646
Vintage Table and Chairs with 12” Leaf, Mid Century Modern, Made in Montreal, $799/set, Table L47”, W35”  Comfort is the key to enjoying a relaxed meal, opening the door to deeper conversations, laughter and the joy of building relationships with those closest to you.   Image: 3645
Vintage Lotte Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $499  Complete your mid century modern decor with a Lotte Lamp and invite the ambience of a warm summer day into your home.   Image: 3644
Pair of Danish Teak Night Tables, Mid Century Modern, Art Furn, $499 pair, L22”, D16”, H22” Complete your bedroom with a pair of night tables and a set of mid century modern table lamps!     Image: 3643
Danish Vintage Dressers, Mid Century Modern, Tall boy: $895, L26”, D16”, H43”
Lower dresser:  $649, L24.5”, D16”, H24.5”  The simple elegance of this set will put a kick in your step every time you catch a glimpse of your beautifully organized bedroom.   Image: 3641
Vintage Teak Zigzag Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $1200, Height of the lamp 62”  If you feel like your mid century modern decor is "complete", but lacks that special piece to take it to "exceptional", consider this rare treasure!   Image: 3638
Vintage DC-3 Airplane Lamp, Mid Century Modern,, $999, Height 12"  This is the piece to complete your office decor - you will always have a conversation starter ready - and it will give your clients the opportunity to get to know you a little better!   Image: 3637
Vintage Walnut Finish Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, $999, L 7’, D 18”, H 30” If your entertainment equipment is tucked in corners, closets and cluttering up all available surfaces in your home, then it is time for a sideboard, and this generously sized one is the perfect choice to house a robust equipment collection!    Image: 3635
Vintage Walnut Table with Shelf, Mid Century Modern, $399, L 30”, W 20”, H 19”, Made by Lane  Invite some joy into your decor with this darling table.  Ad a mid century modern lamp and a tray of tea and cookies on the top, tuck your book, magazines and newspapers on the self below and place it next to your favourite lounge chair.  How ever did you get along without it before?   Image: 3633
Vintage Designer Ceiling Fixture, Mid Century Modern, Designer Carl Thore from Sweden,  $1200, New electrical and height can be adjusted.  The crowning finale for your mid century modern decor!   Image: 3632
Teak Wall Unit, Mid Century Modern, Three-piece unit $799, L 38”, D 18”, H 83”  If you are finding your cupboards are overflowing and your surfaces are collecting odds and sods, it might be time to create a welcoming place for those items...a linen closet, craft catch all, office supply cupboard, kitchen pantry, front entry storage...wherever your overflow is, this wall unit will make an amazing difference!   Image: 3631
Vintage Chrome Table with Leaf, Mid Century Modern, 1960’s, $225, L 48”, W 36”, Leaf 12”  A cheery place to put a potted plant, steaming cups of coffee and fresh baked muffins.  What a perfect way to start your day!   Image: 3628
Set of Six Danish Walnut Dining Room Chairs, Mid Century Modern, By Sax, $999 set  Entice your family out of eating in the living room to enjoying their evening meal together around the dining room table.  Comfortable mid century modern seating makes this switch so much easier, and the conversations, laughter and fun will be well worth the investment.   Image: 3627
Vintage Chrome Ashtray ,Art Deco, $499 Are you looking for that illusive gift for someone who has everything?  Wouldn't it be fun to surprise and delight them with this rare treasure!   Image: 3625
Vintage Teak Wall Unit, Three Piece, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 38”, D18”, H83”  A linen shelf, jewelry  or sock drawer, a collection display, kitchen pantry, front entry "catch all", bookshelf, office supply cupboard...give your decor a little gift this holiday season and feel the joy of being organized every day!     Image: 3622
Vintage Pair of Three Drawer Dressers, Mid Century Modern, Bauhaus  Canada, Black with brass pulls, $995, L20”, D20”, H28”  Invite a dramatic energy into your decor with this pair, especially at night with the light from a set of mid century modern lamps reflecting onto their surfaces!   Image: 3621
Vintage Three Drawer Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $399, L33”, D19”, H29"  Do you have an unruly corner that overshadows all your best intentions to stay tidy?  Provide it a little storage support and your frustrations will melt away!   Image: 3620
Vintage Teak Three Drawer Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $349, L26”, D19”, H29”  If you are finding that working from home has taken over all the available surfaces in your home with laptops, printers, paper, office supplies etc., why not create a place for everything to get tucked away, so that when your work day is over you can truly leave it behind.   Image: 3619
Vintage Pyrex Fire King etc.  Enjoy spoiling a friend this holiday season, with some beautiful colours for their cupboard or counter!  Fill up a tea pot with fragrant teas for a gift, or a casserole dish with exotic spices or a coffee carafe with a special blend of beans!   Image: 3618
Vintage Pottery Bar and Glass Ware, Mid Century Modern, $30 and up  Invite a new rhythm into your decor with a beautiful piece of mid century modern art!   Image: 3617
Vintage Teak Dining Table and or Four Danish teak Chairs, Mid Century Modern, Table:
$899, L 58”, W 35.5”, Chairs: $1400/four.  Honour the hard working chef in your home with a setting worthy of their culinary efforts and make those meals even more memorable.   Image: 3616
The Perry chairs
Renowned sculptor and designer Charles Perry developed the Perry chair and its principle of articulation. The seat is suspended from the lower back, so the occupant’s weight perfectly counterbalances the tilting pressure on the backrest. This unique, maintenance-free articulating backrest allows for movement and provides support in any position. The result: comfort you never expected from a high-density stacking chair.   Image: 3613
Vintage Walnut Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 66.5”, D 17”, H 31” You have invested in the best equipment for excellent sound and picture clarity and now it's time to put it all together in a convenient teak furniture sideboard so you can focus on enjoying your playlists, news reports and movie nights!   Image: 3610
Vintage Walnut Sideboard with Drawers, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 54”, D 18”, H 32” A nice length for a condo sized home, rich, satiny smooth walnut wood grain and lovely curves!   Image: 3607
Vintage Dexter Walnut Finish Cabinets/Wall Units, $499 each,  30”, D 16”, H 5’, There are two piece  units and can be used separately.  Are there some unruly corners taking over your home, crafts in your bedroom, travel mementoes tucked away in storage...why not celebrate your interests and collections by putting them on display so you can enjoy them daily!   Image: 3606
Vintage Walnut Finish Dexter Wardrobe, Mid Century Modern, $699, L 30”, D 16”, H 51”
Put an end to overflowing dressers and stuffed closets with this roomy wardrobe and enjoy the delight of walking into your bedroom and running your fingers over satiny smooth mid century modern walnut wood grain!   Image: 3605
hank you Vancouver for voting Attic Treasures the #1 Consignment Furniture Store.  You are our "Best of Vancouver" customers and we appreciate you so much.  With thanks from the Attic Treasures family to yours.   Image: 3600
Vintage Franciscan Starburst Dishes, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the piece $25 each and up.  Pick up a few and box them up to put a sparkle in someone special's eye, or just put them in the cupboard for yourself and let them sparkle up your day!   Image: 3575
Danish Teak Sideboard Designed by Sven Madsen, Mid Century Modern, an amazing original finish, $2999, produced by H.P. Hansen, length is 79 inches, depth is 20 inches and height is 31 1/2 inches.  Perfect mid century modern teak furniture wood and the delicate curves of a designer's touch make this sideboard the choice for your feature wall.   Image: 3571
Teak Bedside Table, Mid Century Modern, Vintage, $199, L 20”, D15.5”, H 22”  A lovely teak furniture surface for a mid century modern table lamp, a cup of hot cocoa and a drawer full of magazines and books you have been dreaming of reading.  Make some time for yourself each evening!   Image: 3569
Vintage Iittala Glass, Mid Century Modern, sold by the piece.  Invite some mid century modern sparkle into your home this holiday season and make each tradition just a little more special!  Tuck one or two into gift bags to remind a friend or neighbour that they are missed!   Image: 3562
Vintage Ash Retro Bedroom Suite, Mid Century Modern, the colour of the front panels is a medium walnut, $1800 set, Low dresser:  L 66”, D 18”, H 30”  Tall dresser:  L 36”, D 18”, H 52”  Bedside tables:  L 22”, D 14”, H 22.5”  A mirror and double bed headboard are available at additional cost.  Redecorate your mid century modern bedroom this weekend and enjoy the brightness of the ash complemented by the darker tones in the front panels as well as the peace and order that having enough drawers for all your clothes and accessories will bring to your life.   Image: 3561
Vintage Wool and Mohair Blankets, Mid Century Modern, $49 and $59 Just in time for cozy winter evenings with good books, romantic movies and hot chocolate!   Image: 3553
Vintage Teak Sewing Table, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 27”, D  15.5”, H 21”  Surprise the tailor, crafter, sewer in your life with a beautiful mid century modern teak furniture sewing table!   Image: 3549
Vintage Teak Twin Beds from Norway made by Westnofa, Mid Century Modern, they fit standard twin size mattresses.  A beautiful teak furniture, mid century modern pair to start your redecorating plans with!   Image: 3539
Lots of Vintage Finds, Mid Century Modern, iittala, Holmegaard, West German Pottery, Local Vintage Pottery, Teak etc. Treat yourself with a little something that will cheer you up every time you open the cupboard or credenza!   Image: 3535
Vintage Danish Finn Juhl Fireplace Teak Lounge Chair, with xBase stretchers newly reupholstered in fabric, Model Bo59 by Bovirke in Denmark, Mid century modern, $5000, L 26”,  D24”, H 32” Gorgeous cool tones compliment warm mid century modern teak furniture wood grain.      Image: 3527
Vintage Danish Finn Juhl Fireplace Teak Lounge Chair, with xBase stretchers newly reupholstered in fabric, Model Bo59 by Bovirke in Denmark, Mid century modern, $5000, L 26”,  D24”, H 32”  A "once in a lifetime" opportunity to have this exquisite mid century modern teak furniture treasure!   Image: 3526
Danish Solid Teak Side Table Design by Finn Juhl, Mid Century Modern, Model 533, $1200, D 28”, L 20”, H 21.5” A mid century modern decorator's ultimate treasure!   Image: 3509
Vintage Hull Pottery Dishes, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the piece $10 and up to $49. Imagine opening a cupboard or sideboard to take out these beautiful mid century modern creations to serve your family and friends.  Even better, imagine gifting someone you love with a special piece or set!   Image: 3473
Vintage Rosewood Loveseat (sofa is sold), Mid Century Modern, Designer Isamu Kenmoci, L 50”, D27”, H 26” $1,900. Invite your guests into your elegant mid century modern decor - dreamy designer comfort, rich deep rosewood wood grain and west coast inspired colours!   Image: 3470
Vintage Wrought Iron Table and Chairs, Mid Century Modern, $699 set, Table frame is 41” by 28”  A romantic set that allows the light to flow through it's curvy patterns to throw sun, moon and candle light shadows over your decor, keeping your room open, airy and inviting!   Image: 3464
Vintage Danish Rosewood Desk, Mid Century Modern, Design Riis Antonsen, Aabenraa Denmark, $1599, Length 47 inches depth 24 inches height 27 3/4, It has two drawers with key and dovetail joinery. A mid century modern desk worthy of your great dreams and ambitions! Image: 3431
Tate Chair $125 Is there a dreary corner in your decor that you just don't know what to do about?  Put a splash of colour in there and everything will tie together beautifully, plus you'll have extra seating ready to welcome a guest! Image: 3407
Brazilian Walnut Display Cupboard, Mid Century Modern, Kent Coffey style, Two piece unit, $899, L 39”, D 18”, H 74”  Make a bold statement with your decorating choices and feel the energy in your surroundings soar! Image: 3361
Early Teak Sideboard Mid-Century Modern, Behind the sliding door is a adjustable shelf
Vintage Danish Teak Shelving by Kai Kristiansen, $985 set of six, adjustable shelves,  32” long by 7” deep.  This elegant mid century modern teak furniture shelving unit is the ideal setting for the collection of treasures that you have so carefully curated! Image: 3359
Drexel Walnut Vintage Coffee Table, Mid Century Modern, $499, L66”, W 22”, H 16” A unique mid century modern design that includes a very practical drawer for your remotes, notebook, pen and anything else you would like to keep handy, but off the surfaces of your living room furniture. Image: 3350 
Large Industrial Ceiling Fixture, Mid Century Modern, $399, Diameter 16” Brighten up a large room or stairwell with this beautiful mid century modern orb of light!  Image: 3318
Vintage Pyrex , Fireking , Le Creuset , Starburst Clocks and Kettles etc. Mid Century Modern, $10 and up. Bring home something special for the chef in your life (maybe you) and watch the new and exciting dishes come flying out of the kitchen onto your table!  Image: 3208
Vintage Head Vases, Mid Century Modern, $45 and up The perfect size to fit in the toe of a stocking, or the mid century modern gift for that person on your list who has everything, or the extra little something wrapped and tucked away for an unexpected visitor. You can be sure this gift will delight the recipient! Image: 3159
Pair of Walnut Tables with Shelves, by Lane, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 24”, W24”, H 21” Add to the functionality and beauty of your mid century modern decor with rich walnut wood grain and the practical addition of a second shelf.
Lotte Dishes, Mid Century Modern, sold by the Peace $10 each and up,  The pairing of warm, dark teak furniture wood grain and white and blue china is almost to beautiful for words.  Start your collection today and begin to experience the beauty for yourself!  Image: 3027
Vintage Pottery Planters Vases Bowls etc. Mid Century Modern, Hand made, West Germany and Italian, $20 and up  Accessorize your decor with the warm tones of mid century modern pottery and feel your space start to sing with style!  Image: 3018

Diameter 24 inches approximately.  Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights! Image: 2958
Teak Chair by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard Nielsen, By Portex, Mid Century Modern
Fun Vintage Glasses, Mid Century Modern, $20 a set and up  Image: 2816 A set of vintage glasses for a host/hostess gift, holiday gift or just a chance to spoil yourself with some mid century modern fun!

Did you know that Attic Treasures buys mid century modern furniture?  Yes, all our furniture is locally purchased, from people just like you, that are downsizing or redecorating!  
" We bought a gorgeous bedroom set that we loved for years, and when we moved away, she even bought it back from us! Incredible customer service and fantastic quality."  Christina
Just send Lillian a photo of your item and she will let you know if Attic Treasures is the right place to find your treasure a new home! 

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