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Teak Lounge Chair, Mid Century Modern, newly reupholstered, $799, L 26”, D 28”, H 29”
A cozy welcome for your friends and family to settle in and enjoy laughter, stories and conversation!  Image: 3302
Hudsons Bay Ottoman, newly reupholstered, $349, L 24”, W 20”, H 16”  Come home from work, shopping or the gym and sink your feet into the complete comfort of this inviting mid century modern ottoman!  Image: 3301
Danish Teak Side Tables Mid Century Modern, $495 pair, L18”, D 26”, H 21”  Tuck this set next to your favourite chair, or sofa!  Satiny smooth wood grain offers a place for a pair of mid century modern lamps, coasters for drinks and that book you have been meaning to read!  Image: 3300
Reclining Teak Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Mid Century Modern, $1200, L 28”, D 28”, H 40”, Ottoman:  L21”, W15”, H 15.5” Lean back, rest your head, put up your feet and close your eyes.  The work day is done and you are home!  A great gift to recognize a hard working member of your family!  Image: 3299
Luna Lounge Chair and Ottoman, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 29.5”, D 31”, H 38”, Ottoman:  L 20”, W 20”, H 15.5”  Sink into mid century modern splendor!    Image: 3298
Teak Shelving with Drawers, Mid Century Modern, $399, L 35.5”, D 17.5”, H72”, Two piece unit.  This teak furniture unit could change your life!  Your most precious treasures can be stored behind glass doors, plenty of shelving for every day functional pieces and four beautiful drawers for cutlery, linen, etc.  Have fun setting it up today!  Image: 3297
Danish Teak Draw Leaf Table, Mid Century, $699, L 31.5”, W 31.5”, Leaves 12” each  Now you can offer an elegant teak furniture dining experience, even in your cozy sized mid century modern home!  Start booking those dinner parties with your friends!  Image: 3296
Walnut Nine Drawer Dresser, Refinished, Mid Century Modern, $999, L 6', D 18”, H 30.5” Up the romance in your life with the dreamy rich walnut wood grain of this exquisite mid century modern work of art. There is plenty of room for two!  Image: 3295
Helmet Krutz Vancouver made Vintage Lounge Chair, Mid Century Modern, $1750 Fall in love with this mid century modern beauty and sink into comfort each day after work!  Image: 3294
Teak Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 60”, D11”, H 25”, Would be good under your TV.  Gather your electronics together, set them up beautifully in this teak furniture mid century modern sideboard, and enjoy having everything at your finger tips!  Image: 3293
Two Piece Teak Cupboard with Shelving, Mid Century Modern, $299, L 35.5”, D 17.5”, H 73”   Transform a blank wall into a display of your treasures and enjoy sharing the things that are important to you with your family and friends.  Image: 3291
Homemaker Dishes made in England, sold by the piece, $12 and up, Mid Century Modern, Is there someone in your circle of mid century modern lovers who just adores Homemaker?  You could surprise them with a few pieces!  A birthday coming up?  Mother's Day?  Anniversary?    Image: 3290
Pair of Majestic Style Lamps, Mid Century Modern, $599 pair, Height of floor lamp 57”, Height of table lamp 29.5”  Invite some joyful energy into your home with the artistic  curves and gentle light from this mid century modern pair!  Image: 3289
Walnut Six Drawer Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 54”, D 19”, H 31” The gentle curves of this design, along with the satiny smooth walnut wood grain bring a sense of harmony to your decor.  Image: 3287
Grete Jalk Teak Lounge Chair, New Vintage Upholstery, Mid Century Modern, $1200, L 29”, D 28”, H 30” Create a beautiful welcome for your partner, friend or family member to join you in conversation, laughter and build community into your life!  Image: 3286
Oval Teak Dining Table with Two Leaves, Mid Century Modern, $999, L 64”, W 39”, Leaves 19.5” each  Chairs are sold.  Go ahead and invite the whole family over!  The pedestal base of this beautifully crafted table will allow for plenty of extra seating and no one will have to fight with the table legs!  Image: 3285
Sheaf of Wheat Table,Hollywood Regency, 1960s, Italy, $550, Diameter 32”, Height 20” Invite the romance of this exquisite table into your home and enjoy the beautiful energy it weaves through your decor.  Image: 3284
Vintage Minerva Teak Daybed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Nielsen, Mid Century Modern, Danish, $1499, L 72”, D32”, H30” Enjoy hosting larger parties with this generous teak furniture mid century modern daybed and build laughter, fun and community into your life!  Image: 3283
Vintage Minerva Teak Daybed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Nielsen, Mid Century Modern, Danish, $1499, L 72”, D32”, H30” Go ahead and invite your out of town friends for the weekend - even your tallest friend can stretch out comfortably on this teak furniture mid century modern day bed.    Image: 3282
Vintage Teak Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, $999, L 60”, D 16.5”, H 29.5” Take your treasures out of hiding and set them up in this beautiful teak furniture sideboard.  Lovely mid century modern wood grain sends a wave of beauty into your decor!  Image: 3281
Vintage Brutalist Jewelry, Mid Century Modern, $35 and up  Bring a little something home for the love of your life (yourself too) and enjoy watching their eyes light up and their personality shine even more brightly with these mid century modern accessories!  Image: 3275
Danish Teak Sideboard/Credenza with Tambour Doors, Mid Century Modern by Poul Hundevad, $2999, L 82”, D 19.75”, H 27” Your feature wall will be even more spectacular with this gorgeous teak furniture mid century modern  treasure as an accent!  Image: 3274
Danish Teak Sideboard/Credenza with Tambour Doors, Mid Century Modern by Poul Hundevad, $2999, L 82”, D 19.75”, H 27”  It will feel amazing to glide open the satiny smooth teak tambour doors to reveal the treasures you have stored inside.  Image: 3273
Pair of Large Apple Core Lamps, Post Modern, Pop Art, $275 pair, Full height of lamp 36 inches, width of shade is 19 inches.  Add a dash of daring to your decor that brightens up your home and everyone's mood!  Image: 3271
Beautiful Walnut Tall Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 39.5”, D 17.5”, H 46.5” Is there someone in your home that is draping clothing over chairs and often in search of a special piece of clothing they can't find?  They are first on the list for this treasure, and if you have that covered, there are so many possibilities...linen closet, craft treasure trove, front entry catch all.  Have fun setting it up this weekend!  Image: 3268
Teak Queen Size Bed with Floating Night Tables, Mid Century Modern, $999, Length of headboard, 97”.  Transform your bedroom into a haven of dreams come true with this teak furniture treasure!  Maybe some mid century modern lamps to light up your new decor too!  Image: 3267
Vintage Teak Sideboard/Credenza H.P.Hansen, $2250, L67”, D 20”, H 31.5”, Mobelindustri  Superb mid century modern craftsmanship, satiny smooth teak furniture wood grain and the joy you will feel when you bring this work of art home to your welcoming decor!  Image: 3264
Vintage Wassily Chairs, Mid Century Modern, $599 pair, L 29”, D 26”, H 28” Complement the warm tones of your teak furniture with the cool tones of this set, and watch your decor spring to new life!  Sit with a friend or partner and enjoy long, deep conversations in the comfort of their welcoming embrace!  Image: 3263
Tall Vladimir Kagan Shelving Unit, $1200, L 34”, D 12.5”, H 89” Gift the treasure hunter or creative (maybe you!) in your life with a mid century modern shelving unit worthy to display the best of the best!  You will enjoy the thrill of this gift over and over again!
Image: 3262
Walnut Sideboard, Mid Century Modern, adjustable shelving inside, $999, L 6’, D 18”, H 30”  You will love running your hands over the satiny smooth mid century modern walnut wood grain, enjoy talking about the impressive craftsmanship and be grateful for the order and calm that this generous storage brings to your home!  Image: 3261
Vintage Black Formica Table with Leaf, Mid Century Modern, $399, L 47.5”, W 35.5”, Leaf 11.5” Are you looking for a unique table and the opportunity to pair it with an equally dynamic centerpiece and chairs?  Open table legs allow light to flow through, keeping even a condo sized home feeling bright and airy.    Image: 3258
Danish Teak Three Piece Bedroom Suite, Mid Century Modern, $2999 set Eight drawer dresser:  L59”, D 17”, H 33” Bedside dressers: L 29.5”, D 17”, H 27” This luxurious mid century modern set will accommodate extensive wardrobes.  This teak furniture is outstanding in beauty and elegance, a decorator’s personal choice!  Image: 3256
Vintage teak coffee table with shelf by Grete Jalk, $1399, L 51”, W 21” An elegant showpiece for the heart of your living room.    Image: 3255
Art Deco Vintage Walnut Cabinet with Glass in Doors, Beautiful hardware, $599, L37.5”, D 18”, H 62” Display your treasures in this dynamic wood grain and glass frame.  Drawers for extra storage will come in handy for anything you would like to have at your fingertips.  With a depth of 18" this cabinet is an easy fit for even a cozy sized room.  Image: 3254
Vintage Teak Ottoman with Storage Inside, Mid Century Modern, $399, Diameter 15”, Height 17”  Keep that promise to yourself to put your feet up and relax at the end of the day.  Extra storage and beautiful teak wood grain also makes this piece a great mid century modern investment!  Image: 3252
Vintage Pair of Teak Danish Side Tables, Mid Century Modern, Veiled Stole & Modelfabrik, $799 pair, L 17”, D 25”, H 20” Elegant simplicity that will complement your mid century modern decor providing a beautiful teak furniture surface on which to display a pair of mid century modern lamps, with plenty of surface remaining for your book and coasters for your steaming hot chocolate and tea!  Image: 3251
Lane Vintage Coffee Table, Mid Century Modern, $449, L56”, D 19” You'll love the special touches this coffee table offers, a beautifully designed slender frame that supports outstanding mid century modern wood grain artistry!  Imagine the coffees, teas and cakes that it will hold while wonderful conversations with family and friends flow around it.    Image: 3247
Grete Jalk Danish Teak Reupholstered Sofa in Vintage Fabric, Mid Century Modern, $2399, L 78”, D 28”, H 29”  An elegant teak furniture choice for the mid century modern decorator holding out for that perfect piece!  Image: 3246
Scandinavian Teak Chairs, Mid Century Modern, 6/$1200  Comfortable padded seats and backs that allow sunlight and candlelight to flow through them, creating beautiful shadows all over your mid century modern dining room!  The perfect teak furniture set with which to welcome your friends and family to your dinner table and to deeper more meaningful relationships.  Image: 3244
Set of Four Danish Teak Chairs, dark stain with orange fabric by Dyrlund, Mid Century Modern, $499 set of four  Your circle of community is growing and it's time to make them all welcome around your teak furniture dining table!   Image: 3243
Vintage Crane Table Lamp by Curtis Jere, 1970’s, $949  Invite a vibrant energy into your mid century modern decor with this exciting complement to the warm smooth tones of your teak furniture.    Image: 3237
Walnut Nine Drawer Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $699, L 62”, D 18”, H 30” It's especially nice to have three smaller drawers for delicate items that need special care and six extra roomy drawers for those winter woolens!  There is plenty of room for two!  Image: 3235
Danish Teak Highboy Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $585, L 33”, D 18”, H 45” An elegant choice for your bedroom or spare bedroom.  If you find your entry is filling up with extra mittens, scarves and hats, consider the placement of a beautiful teak furniture dresser to handle the overload and everything will be so much easier to find!  Image: 3232
Early Ray and Charles Eames for Herman Miller DCM Chairs Circa 1950s, $1995 set of four, from the Vancouver Library. Rare treasures for the discerning mid century modern decorator!    Image: 3216
Teak Vintage Desk with Two Drawers, one being a file drawer, $799, L 45”, D 24” Create a place for the student in your life to spread out and make their dreams come true!  Image: 3213
Vintage Teak Drop Leaf Table, Mid Century Modern, $799, L 14” plus 22” each leaf, W 33.5” A mid century modern teak furniture dining room table for a cozy sized home, or that extra table to pull out for the holiday celebrations!    Image: 3212
Teak Shelving and Cupboard, Mid Century Modern, $699, L 54.5”, D 17”, H 76” An ideal combination of open and closed storage that sets the stage for the china you love to entertain with, your carefully curated collections or favourite books.  A useful and beautiful mid century modern teak furniture staple.  Image: 3209
Vintage Pyrex , Fireking , Le Creuset , Starburst Clocks and Kettles etc. Mid Century Modern, $10 and up. Bring home something special for the chef in your life (maybe you) and watch the new and exciting dishes come flying out of the kitchen onto your table!  Image: 3208
Vintage Danish Teak Shelving Unit, two piece, solid wood, $599, L 27.5", D17”, H 77”  Transform an empty wall into a show piece of your collections, china or treasures and enjoy them anew, exquisitely framed by mid century modern teak furniture wood grain.  Image: 3203
Pair of Folding Cricket Chairs 1980’s, For Magis by Andries Van Onck, Mid Century Modern, $399 pair A touch of flair, dash of colour and so storable! Any mid century modern decorator could use this pair to enhance their seating options!     Image: 3186
Vintage Leather Chair, Mid Century Modern, $399, L 30”, D 34”, H 41”  A cuddly comfort waiting to welcome you home after a long day's work.  Add a colourful comforter, an end table with a lamp, book and cup of tea and you are ready for some much needed R & R.   Image: 3185
Vintage Synder Table, Leaf and Four Chairs, Mid Century Modern, 1950s, Canadian made
$999 set, L 50” leaf 13.5”, W 33.5” Silky smooth lighter wood grain and upholstery, gorgeous design and excellent craftsmanship makes this set ideal for a cozy sized dining room, keeping your mid century modern decor feeling light, airy and inviting.   Image: 3181
Haywood Wakefield Maple Two Piece China Cupboard, Mid Century Modern, $599, L 32”, D 17”, H 67”,The dishes are for sale too. A beautiful  compact setting for your mid century modern china collection, with extra storage below for your silverware and table cloths!  If your dining room is already complete, consider displaying your collection or creations in this beautiful frame, and enjoy sharing and celebrating what is important to you.   Image: 3180
Hall China Co. Refrigerator Dishes made exclusively for Westinghouse, Art Deco, Streamline, $49 and up, Imagine opening your fridge to this beautiful display!   Image: 3179
Vintage Fibreglass 3-D Sculpture 1965, App 53” by 28”, $399  Add some drama to your mid century modern decor and enjoy the energy this work of art brings into your life!  Image: 3173
Vintage Handmade Western Canadian Pottery, $20 and up Are you feeling like you need a little something special for your home?  Why not start with a piece of mid century modern pottery and see where the adventure takes you!  Image: 3169
Vintage Teak Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $599, Height of lamp 61 inches  Introduce a lovely curve into your decor with this teak furniture lamp.  Place it next to your favourite mid century modern lounge chair and get lost in a good book this weekend!  Image: 3166
Vintage Teak Neils Moller Dining Table with Two Leaves and or Four Chairs, Mid Century Modern, Table: $1,999, L71” leaves 16.5” each, W 40.5” Chairs: Set of four $1395 The Mid Century Modern dining room set your decorator has been holding out for, and just in time for your holiday centerpiece! Open teak furniture chair backs and white seats surrounded by warm teak tones create an irresistible invitation to create memories, family and community.  Image: 3162
Vintage Head Vases, Mid Century Modern, $45 and up The perfect size to fit in the toe of a stocking, or the mid century modern gift for that person on your list who has everything, or the extra little something wrapped and tucked away for an unexpected visitor. You can be sure this gift will delight the recipient! Image: 3159
Vintage Iittala from Finland, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the Piece,  $10 and up Serve your holiday drinks in something especially sparkly this year!  Pick up a few extras to keep on hand for last minute hostess, family and friend gifts!  Image: 3152
Vintage Red Wool Flokat, $299, L8’, W 6’ If you are feeling a little down about the colder weather, bring home a dash of colour that will cheer you up all year round.  Image: 3151
Ruska Arabia from Finland, Sold by the Piece, $10 and up. A specialty coffee or frothy hot chocolate in a Ruska mug is so richly inviting. Can you imagine setting a table and serving a meal with these beautiful pieces. or watching someone's eyes light up when they open their gift to find Ruska Arabia from Finland!  Image: 3148
Vintage Teak Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 31.5”, D 15.5”, H 37.5” This dresser is a real treasure with six drawers to keep you completely organized, whichever room you put it in.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a little more storage, for your linen, or crafts or sweaters!  Image: 3145
Lots of Vintage Warm Blankets and Throws, wool and some mohair, mid century modern, $45 and up Cuddle up in mid century modern comfort this fall and winter!  Image: 3133
Pair of Greta Jalk Teak Side Tables, Mid Century Modern, $799 pair, L 19”, D 28”, H 18”
An elegant teak furniture choice to partner with your mid century modern sofa or love seat!  Image: 3132
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Pair of Walnut Tables with Shelves, by Lane, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 24”, W24”, H 21”  Add to the functionality and beauty of your mid century modern decor with rich walnut wood grain and the practical addition of a second shelf.    Image: 3115
Walnut Table by Delcraft, Mid Century Modern, $249, L 29”, W22”, H 20” Delicate, darling legs and edging - as beautiful as a poem - a lovely teak furniture treasure to enhance your mid century modern decor!  Image: 3110
Double Teak Bookcase, Mid Century Modern, $399, L 39.5”, D12”, H 76.5”, Adjustable shelves  A place of honor for the books and items you treasure - go ahead, unpack your boxes, gather them from nooks and crannies and display your treasures in the frame of this beautiful mid century modern teak furniture bookshelf! You'll be so glad you did!  Image: 3104
Industrial Coat Rack, $249, Height 6 ft, Base diameter 18”  Do you dread the clutter of rainy or snowy days because you have no place to put all the coats, hats, scarves and mittens? This fall and winter you will hardly notice them with this great industrial coat rack!  Image: 3101
Set of Hornsea Bronte Dishes, Mid Century Modern, $275 for all, Is there someone in your circle of mid century modern lovers who just adores Hornsea?  You could give them the surprise of their lives with this amazing collection!  Image: 3095
Hornsea Concept, pattern Swan Lake, designed by Martin Hunt, 1977, $399 for all 
Wedding, birthday, anniversary...whatever the event, this will be the mid century modern gift they will treasure all their lives! (It's OK to surprise yourself with a gift, now and then, too!) Image: 3089
Vintage World Globes, Mid Century Modern, $39 and up  An great mid century modern accessory for your home or office! Image: 3082
Vintage Fire King, Green Jadite, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the Piece, $29 and up.  Imagine the joy of opening your cupboard to see this gorgeous mid century modern Green Jadite!   Image: 3079
Beautiful Walnut King Sized Bed, Mid Century Modern, $349  A mid century modern king sized headboard is a rare treasure - scoop it up today! Image: 3072
Lotte Dishes, Mid Century Modern, sold by the Peace $10 each and up,  The pairing of warm, dark teak furniture wood grain and white and blue china is almost to beautiful for words.  Start your collection today and begin to experience the beauty for yourself!  Image: 3027
Vintage Fiesta Ware, Sold by the Piece $10 each and up  Can you imagine opening up your cupboard to this exquisite mid century modern beauty!  Each piece is a treasure that could complete or start your collection today!  Image: 3025
Vintage Pottery Planters Vases Bowls etc. Mid Century Modern, Hand made, West Germany and Italian, $20 and up  Accessorize your decor with the warm tones of mid century modern pottery and feel your space start to sing with style!  Image: 3018
Vintage Lotte Lamp, $499, Height of lamp including shade 30.5” The warm tones of this mid century modern lamp will bring an extra glow to your decor, along with the lovely feeling of finally owning your very own Lotte Lamp!  Image: 3009

Walnut Biltrite credenza by Herman Miller, $899, L 48”, D 20”, H 29.5”, Made in Canada, A place for your treasures, whatever they may be, and also a beautiful mid century modern pedestal on which to place a lamp, some art glass, a special piece of china or television. Image: 2990
Chrome Sputnik Ceiling Fixtures, Mid Century Modern, All new wiring, $349 each, 
Diameter 24 inches approximately.  Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights! Image: 2958
Danish Teak Solid Mirror Pedersen and Hansen Viby, $498, H 42”, W 30” Enjoy beautiful reflections of your mid century modern decor and yourself in this solid teak furniture mirror! Image: 2954
Scandinavian Two Piece Teak Wall Unit, Mid Century Modern, $299, L 31”, D 20”, H 6’, Turn an empty space on any wall into a teak furniture mid century modern treasure trove of whatever is important to you!  Keep the dust off of those special items behind closed doors, display to your heart's content, and store all the supplies in the cupboards below. As your life changes, you may choose to use the top piece in one room and the bottom in another! Image: 2943
Danish rosewood coffee table by Erling Torvits for Heltborg Mobler, $ 999, L59”, W 21.5”, H 20” The designer piece that your discerning mid century modern decorator has been waiting for! Image: 2923
Chrome and Glass Ball Floor Lamp, Mid Century Modern, $999, H60”, W22” A moon like glow to turn your mid century modern decor into a magical place! Image: 2911
Teak Chair by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard Nielsen, By Portex, Mid Century Modern, 
1945 $399  Curvy teak furntiure comfort for the head of your mid century modern dining room table, or tucked into a corner, ready for a conversation with a good friend!
Image:  2877
Vintage Bar Ware, Mid Century Modern, $35 and up Image: 2820 Add that extra sparkle to your holiday celebrations with a mid century modern decanter and a set of glasses to show off your designer drinks! 
Fun Vintage Glasses, Mid Century Modern, $20 a set and up  Image: 2816 A set of vintage glasses for a host/hostess gift, holiday gift or just a chance to spoil yourself with some mid century modern fun!
Green Fire King, Jadeite, $10 and up  Some rare treasures here - just imagine reaching into your cupboard to pull out a Fire King Jadeite juicer! Image: T32 Image: 2788
Thank you for voting for us!  Attic Treasures is #1 in the Best Vintage Furniture Store category of the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver!  Image: 2754
Lillian with Dean, our mid century modern furniture refinishing and re upholstering star! Image: 2753
Teak Mid Century Modern Record Holder by Bruxo, Norway, $349, L 14”, W 13.5”, H 17.5”. Image 2614 I can see the smiles - ear to ear - ooh's and aah's and happy dances when you surprise the mid century modern record collector in your family with this beauty!
Italian Memphis Milano by Relco floor lamp, $300, Height of lamp 59”. Image 2531
Sparkle up your decor and show off a special corner or painting with the light from this rare designer mid century modern floor lamp.
Ruska Arabia from Findland, New to the store, Lots of serving pieces or any other item you want, $10 each and up! Image 2456 There is nothing as beautiful as a frothy cup of coffee or chocolate in a Ruska Arabia mug - maybe you should start your mid century modern collection today!
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The Westender Newspaper just completed their 20th Annual Best of the City reader’s Poll and Attic Treasures won GOLD for Best Antique Store in Vancouver!!!
Two Rosewood Swedish Sideboards, $699 each, L 47", D 18.5", H 21, Image: 1624
Stunning simple lines are the best frames to show off the beautiful wood grains in mid century modern rosewood - placed on either side of your fireplace?
Teak Framed Mirrors, $99 and up Mid century modern, Image: 1225 Mirror, mirror on the wall, mid century modern is the fairest of them all!
Did you know that Attic Treasures buys mid century modern furniture?  Yes, all our furniture is locally purchased, from people just like you, that are downsizing or redecorating!  
" We bought a gorgeous bedroom set that we loved for years, and when we moved away, she even bought it back from us! Incredible customer service and fantastic quality."  Christina
Just send Lillian a photo of your item and she will let you know if Attic Treasures is the right place to find your treasure a new home! 
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